MDC student hydrographer to work on R2Sonic 2024 Multispectral Backscatter Processing and Automated Seabed Classification (July – Aug 2017)

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MDC hydrographic student, Cameron Price, has just completed acquisition of multispectral backscatter data for Plymouth Sound. Cameron is to process and work up these data at the MDC offices during his vacation, with supervision from senior MDC surveyors. Cameron’s key question is: What is the advantage of a multispectral survey over a single frequency MBES survey? Cameron expects to submit his dissertation during April 2018. Cameron is to use QINSy, QIMERA and Fledermaus Pro for these purposes of data acquisition, data QC and post-processing. MDC hope to gain invaluable insight into the method, procedures and results from his work. Cameron is currently studying Hydrography full-time at Plymouth University in the U.K. and expects to graduate (with distinction!) by June 2018. In addition to his studies, Cameron has been assisting MDC on local projects during his vacations, and recently completed his first commercial survey off Durban in August 2017, on MDC’s survey ski boat MaDCat.


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