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Marine Data Consultants specializes in marine hydrographic surveys and associated seabed visualization services for coastal engineering, dredging, marine diamond mining, oil and gas, and marine cable laying industries.
Our specific expertise in high resolution multibeam surveys has helped various clients determine what equipment is needed for projects and provided them with turn key solutions.

MDC supplies:

All multibeam sonars, geophysical survey equipment (Side Scan Sonars, Magnetometers, Sub Bottom Profilers) and peripheral sensor hardware (GPS navigation, motion sensors, gyros, sound velocity probes, tide gauges, draft sensors).


We provide total “ping-to-chart” in-house data processing and data management services.

We pride ourselves on being impartial to hardware manufacturers and utilise the best and most cost-effective hardware solutions for our Clients.

Skilled survey technicians to install, interface and calibrate the hardware and software.

Experienced surveyors to operate the multibeam systems and ensure optimal performance.


We also provide software sales, hire, support and training.


Marine survey services which we offer


Full list of hardware used on our projects


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