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Marine Data Consultants (MDC) is a specialist marine survey closed corporation operating from Cape Town, South Africa since 2006 and is principally owned by Gordon Rigg (MSc) and has been operating globally since 2006.

We are a dynamic consultancy consisting of a team of hydrographic surveyors, specializing in marine hydrographic surveys and associated seabed visualization services for safety of navigation, coastal engineering, dredging, marine diamond mining, marine resource exploration, habitat mapping, coastal processes, oil and gas, marine cable and wind farm industries.
Our expertise extends to, but is not limited to, high-resolution geophysical surveys, including multibeam bathymetry surveys and combined dynamic laser scanning of coastal features (e.g. beaches, exposed reefs, tidal flats etc), near-shore engineering structures (e.g. breakwaters, quays, bridges, tunnels etc) and offshore assets (e.g. pipelines, platforms, buoys etc). This includes all facets of project management, including; desktop studies, survey planning, equipment supply (hire/sales), mobilization, calibration, data acquisition, data QC/QA, data processing, chart production and report writing. All services are performed in-house to facilitate efficient turn-around times on all projects.


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